The Land Boss Approach: Mastering Property Management

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Designed to assist oil and gas lease acquisition and administration, Landboss is an online application that can help users track expenses, generate documents, and keep on top of their lease obligations. Developed by UnitK Software, the solution allows staff and landmen to upload receipts and automatically create forms from any data they enter. This helps streamline expense tracking and reduce the risk of misplaced or lost receipts. In addition, the system lets users merge form fields into documents with a single click to speed up document generation.

Despite its relatively easy to use interface, Land Boss is not without some shortcomings. For example, a lack of a Park slot means the LE handbrake cable has a bit of slack and can’t hold the vehicle on even a gentle rise. Additionally, the horn is a bit loud for my tastes, and the diesel engine music can be grating after a while.

But the overall experience is still one that compels players to keep going just to see what’s next, a feeling that’s aided by the impressive boss encounters and incredible soundtrack. It’s a challenge that, if the player is up to it, gives them a sense of accomplishment when they reach the end of the game.

For instance, when fighting the Scourge of the Land, one of the final bosses in the game, the player has to master a range of attacks. The first part of the fight is straightforward enough — dodge the attacks and kill them before they can respawn. But the battle takes a turn when the boss spawns red pools of fire in front of the player, and he begins to summon minions in the area.

As the battle continues, the player has to dodge these attacks and stay behind the boss. They can also try to keep damage to a minimum and avoid getting trapped by his frontal attacks. When he does his Front Slam, he will spawn fire in a thin line in front of the player. He will also periodically lash out with his weapon, damaging anyone in his path. This is a great time to use AoE abilities to minimize damage, and dodge out of the way before his attacks hit.

Ultimately, Landboss is a useful tool for operators, lease brokers, and independent landmen looking to save time, improve efficiency, and do their jobs more accurately. For those interested in learning more about the solution, a live demo is available to walk through the application’s features and discuss how it can be used for specific business purposes. In addition, the vendor offers a range of packages to suit different budgets. These packages range from a 3-month to an annual commitment, but the option to pay month-to-month is available for maximum flexibility. For more information, contact a representative.