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Unlike conventional medicines that target symptoms only, regenerate medicine uses cells, biomaterials and molecules to mend damaged tissue, organs or genes. The aim is to restore or improve function, thereby helping to cure diseases. Examples include replacing a lost organ, amplifying the body’s natural healing processes or mending faulty genes.

The state of Colorado boasts intense activity in regenerative medicine. Academic and research institutions, private companies and non-profits all seek new ways to advance human and animal health. They include a broad spectrum of companies, from traditional pharmaceutical manufacturers to cutting-edge biotechnology firms developing cell therapy and other regenerative medicine technologies. In fact, the state’s universities and research institutes have made regenerative medicine a core area of their mission.

In addition to regenerative medicine, the state has also attracted companies and investors interested in tissue engineering, which involves creating materials that mimic living tissues to treat injury or disease. This field brings together experts in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, genetics, medicine and robotics to solve some of the world’s most challenging medical problems.

Regenerative Medicine Arvada

When you have a musculoskeletal injury, Regenerative Medicine Arvada can help you avoid addictive pain medications and invasive surgery. During regenerative therapy, your doctor can extract stem cells from your blood, bone marrow or fat to heal the injury or stimulate growth factors in injured tissue. In addition, your doctor can perform platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to accelerate the body’s own natural healing process.

Physical therapy is one of the most effective treatments for pain and musculoskeletal injuries. This type of treatment can reduce the severity of your condition, alleviate your symptoms and prevent permanent physical disabilities. Moreover, it can also help you maintain your physical fitness. Moreover, physical therapists are trained to assess the extent of your injury and prescribe the right course of treatment for you.

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